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I’m a mom of two sons, 18 and 12. It’s been years of boys. This app is so fun. I can virtually take care of a girl. Feed her junk food. Pink hair. Just have fun; without looking silly. A little immature? Perhaps. However, look at everyone playing games? This is cute and fun! So creative and user friendly. It’s like the “Build a Bear” of apps!
~Angie Lembo

I have been looking for a cute “virtual baby” app for my two year old granddaughter, but it was harder than I thought it would be. I found one for my iMac, but it was kind of cheesy. She liked it, but she’s too young to really use a mouse. Then I got one for my Galaxy 3s, but it was even cheesier. It was really an advertising ploy that kept pestering me through notifications galore! She liked it, though, even though it was very limited in what she could do with it. But then I stumbled on this little app for my iPad and I was thrilled! It’s exactly what I had been searching for! It’s very interactive and it’s easy enough to use that my little granddaughter can easily move items around by herself. She is obsessed with it! She smiles from ear to ear as she feeds, bathes, rocks and plays with her own baby, whom she named Happy. Thanks for creating this adorable app!